After School Programs

After School Programs

Preparing youth for great futures by providing a continuum of comprehensive services.



Our Clubs

Clubs are open each day after school from approximately 3-7pm. Research has shown that during this time of day, children are most vulnerable to gangs, violence and other risky behaviors. We promise our kids a great future by not only keeping them safe, but by giving them opportunities that can change their lives.


Lego RoboticsThrough our programs, we enable youth to reach their full potential as productive, healthy and responsible adults. Our programs are the heart of our promise for the future. They engage young people in activities with adults, peers and family members that enable them to learn powerful life skills and introduce them to new experiences. Based on the interests and needs of the youth we serve, our Clubs offer diverse opportunities through a comprehensive program service model:

    Computer learning environment
  • Utillizing a 360 degree approach of positive youth development, prevention and intervention
  • Meeting essential needs of health, nutrition, safe place and supportive relationships
  • Impacting youth in three core areas: academic success; character and citizenship and healthy lifestyles
  • Providing transformational opportunities through active learning and alignment with academic and career pathways


Membership is only $5 per for the school year and $5 for the summer. Summer Early Riser Camp also available for an additional cost. Read more about summer programs» Read more about memberships»


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